Who is Radical Assets?

Enjoying a fantastic time “working” in Hawaii.

Just a few short years ago I changed my life radically. My partner, love of my life, husband and friend joined together with me in business. In the span of a year we went from deeply in debt to living a life we had only dreamed about. Radical Assets is the name we gave our business because it accurately describes this change. The dictionary defines assets as useful, or a valuable quality, a person, or thing; an advantage or resource. RADICAL emphasizes the idea of going to the root of a matter, fundamental, essential, far-reaching, drastic or major. That is the concept…Sometimes it becomes necessary to make radical changes, it was THAT time for us.

As friends, we’ve shared many interests and found we make a terrific team. Our greatest joy in business comes from helping others to live a life filled with Radical Assets…Value, Resource and Abundance.